BRC Standards

In the 1990's the British Retail Consortium (BRC) developed a system of food and packaging standards recognised across the European Union. Gaining certification is a mark of your organization's commitment to quality, health and safety and customer service.

Firstly, the BRC Technical Standard and Protocol was developed in 1998 for retailers selling branded food products. The aim of this standard is to help companies comply with consumer protection legislation through a system of standardized quality audits related to food production.

Secondly, in conjunction with the Institute of Packaging, the BRC have also developed a Global Technical Standard for Food Packaging Manufacturers, which is primarily concerned with quality and hygiene issues as relates to companies who supply packaging to the food industry.

Benefits of Implementing BRC Standards

Planning for and implementing BRC standards means your organization can benefit from the following:

How HPA Can Help

With years of experience in helping retailers and food packaging manufacturers achieve BRC standards certification, HPA can help your organization plan and implement BRC guidelines by setting in place the necessary compliance methodology - and then assisting you in gaining accreditation through qualified third party bodies. Our clear and uncomplicated approach will quickly illustrate what needs to be done and how - saving you both time and money in the certification process.

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