CE Marking

Introduced in 1995, CE Marking legislation was designed to ensure the free passage of goods throughout the European Union through the adoption of common product safety standards. The standards are embodied in a series of European Directives covering a wide range of industrial, consumer and construction products.

A legally binding declaration of conformance

The CE Mark is simply a declaration that the product conforms with all the applicable European directives and this can be self-declared by the manufacturer or their agents.  On the face of it this is straightforward.  However as a legally binding declaration, the manufacture is responsible for ensuring that this declaration is consistently correct - normally by maintaining a high standard of quality management and documentation.

How can I ensure conformance?

As stated above designing and implementing appropriate quality management systems that ensure conformance with the appropriate European Directives is maintained is the best way to manage your CE Marking process.  HPA can help you to navigate through the minefield of legislative requirements and implement workable management systems that mean you can CE mark with confidence.

What are the benefits?

Without CE Marking you cannot legally supply the products covered by the various directives in the EU.  CE Marking without ensuring you have robust management systems maintaining conformance may put your company and potentially your customers at risk.

Third party assessment & certification

For certain products the party certification by a notified body is a legal requirement.  HPA can help you design and implement the necessary systems, select the appropriate notified body and achieve registration.

Even when third party assessment is not a legal requirement, assessment by an accredited third party can provide additional reassurance - both to your organisation in knowing that conformance is being achieved and also to your customers and potential customers in recognising the care you take to ensure a high quality safe product.

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