AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Scheme FAQ

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1. What is AS 9100?
The benchmark quality management system for organizations working in the aerospace industry, AS 9100 overlaps neatly with all aspects of ISO 9001. It also has extra requirements regarding quality and safety specific to the aerospace sector.
2. How is AS 9100 assessed?
On top of the requirements for ISO 9001, AS 9100 has these aerospace-specific requirements:
  • Configuration management
  • Design phase, design verification, testing and validation
  • Reliability, safety and maintainability
  • Review of sub-contractor performance
  • Verification of purchased product and life-cycle documentation
  • Control of production process changes, equipment, tools and machines
  • Organisation of work completed outside main facilities
  • Special processes, inspection and testing procedures
  • Methodology, recording and corrective action
  • Expansion of the ISO 9001 audit requirements
  • First article inspection processes
  • Servicing and control of technical documentation
  • Review of non-conforming products
3. What are the benefits of AS 9100 compliance?
The benefits of AS 9100 are many and varied. Not only will potential customers actively seek out companies who comply with the standard to do business with, but the framework itself will also help streamline your daily operations. Joint systems training with related ISO standards will also mean that you save money on the compliance implementation process as well.
4. How can HPA help?
Through every stage of the process, Hatton Parkinson Associates can help your business to prepare for third party assessment for the AS 9100 standard. We partner with you at every step to make sure the whole experience is as simple and cost effective as it can be.
5. What does this cost?
The straightforward answer is that AS 9100 certification does not cost that much compared to the benefits of becoming registered. Government grants of up to half the fees may be available.  Our own in-house payment plan options can also help to spread the cost.