FSC Chain of Custody FAQ

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1. What is FSC Chain of Custody?
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent stakeholder-managed body that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. Its Chain of Custody scheme provides independent third party assurance that the certified timber or paper products originate from well managed forests, and that these products are not mixed with products from uncertified forests at any point in the supply chain, except under strict controls.
2. What are the key elements of the Chain of Custody standard?
 The standard defines and addresses the basic elements of a Chain of Custody management system:
  • Quality management: responsibilities, procedures and records
  • Product scope: definition of product groups and outsourcing arrangements
  • Material sourcing: material specifications
  • Material receipt and storage: identification and segregation
  • Production control: control of quantities and determination of FSC claims
  • Sales and delivery: invoicing and transport documentation
  • Labelling: application of FSC labels on-product and labelling thresholds
3. What are the benefits of FSC Chain of Custody compliance?
  • It provides added value to your product, giving it a verifiable social and environmental quality.
  • It demonstrates that you take the environmental concerns of your customers and staff seriously.
  • It assists with continued market access in an increasingly environmentally aware sector.
4. How can HPA help?
Through every stage of the process, HPA can help your business to prepare for third party assessment for the FSC Chain of Custody standard. We partner with you at every step to make sure the whole compliance experience is as simple and cost effective as it can be.
5. What does this cost?
The straightforward answer is that FSC Chain of Custody certification does not cost that much compared to the benefits of becoming registered. Government grants of up to half the fees may be available.  Our own in-house payment plan options can also help to spread the cost.