Construction Products Directive FAQ

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1. What is the Construction Products Directive?
Updated in January 2011 by the European Parliament, the Construction Products Directive dovetails with ISO standards 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in requiring that construction works be designed and implemented in a way that doesn't endanger employees, customers or the public, animals, property or the environment.

When building products achieve certification by the governing body, the European Organization for Technical Approvals (EOTA), a company is awarded a CE 'kite' mark and is licensed to sell that product throughout the European Union. In effect, this signals that certain technical standards have been fulfilled in the production process.
2. How much does this cost me?
A Government grant of up to 50% may be available to assist in achieving certification.  In addition, HPA also offer flexible payment terms to spread the cost of getting accredited. The result of this is that achieving EOTA approval is not as expensive as you might think - and we will support you until successful in your compliance application.
3. What are the benefits of registration?
CE Marking shows your customers, stakeholders and staff that your organisation is committed to manufacturing construction products to the highest European Standards, and as such your company is managed and operates at the top of its game. Due to the framework of CE Marking accreditation overlapping with other ISO standards, the costs of achieving joint compliance are also not to be overlooked.
4. Do you offer compliance assessment?
No. We will partner with you throughout the preparation process for accreditation, then arrange for your organisation to be audited and certified by a recognised third party accreditation body. This means the authority of your certificate will be widely accepted by your clients and customers.