SIA Approved Contractors Scheme FAQ

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1. What exactly is the SIA-ACS?
The Security Industry Association Approved Contractors Scheme aims to enhance performance standards across the security industry and help companies to meet quality guidelines both now and in future. Organisations operating within the scheme are regularly audited by the SIA, and can advertise themselves as being approved for the standards once they meet the compliance conditions.
2. How much does it cost?
Registration for the scheme is not that expensive with our payment plan option and 50% Government grants may be available to mitigate the cost. Your return on investment from joining the scheme will far outweigh its upfront price.
3. How the SIA-ACS assessed?
The SIA-ACS is based on the framework of the ISO 9001 quality management structure and also draws upon British Standard codes for the security industry. Certification criteria include:
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Quality of business processes
  • Financial management
  • Resources management
  • Human resources management
  • Leadership qualities
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Results and deliverables
4. What are the benefits to my business?
Our clients have told us that registration for the SIA-ACS opens new doors of opportunity for their business in terms of developing new client relationships and proving their quality commitment to both staff and customers. Simultaneous registration for related systems also means you can save money on the certification process itself.
5. Can you do the assessment part?
No. We can't actually assess your business for compliance. However we can guide your organization through the compliance process. We simplify the entire process and can cost-effectively help your organisation prepare for SIA inspections..