FSC Chain of Custody

What is the FSC Chain of Custody?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody standard governs the tracking of FSC certified products from the forest to the marketplace. All builders, contractors, publisher, printers, timber traders, product repackaging firms and anyone using forest sourced wood and other materials for manufacture – have to become certified in the scheme in order to use FSC trade marks on their goods.

Selling products branded with the certified FSC logos signals your company’s desire to be an environmentally friendly and socially aware organisation, with professional management structures in place to support this.

The Benefits of FSC Certification

As suggested by its name, Chain of Custody certification is required at every stage of a product’s lifespan, from forest to consumer.  In achieving the standard, your company is not only making a positive commitment to the environment and wider community, but the positive management streamlining effects of gaining accreditation will also benefit your employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Other benefits of the FSC Chain of Custody include adding tangible value to your products and services in terms of their environmental quality, plus giving you access to new and more environmentally aware sections of your existing marketplace – who will respond extremely favourably to FSC certification from their suppliers and partners.

How HPA Can Help

HPA can assist your organisation with all stages of successfully obtaining FSC Chain of Custody certification. The process is straightforward and can be outlined in the following key stages:

Gaining FSC Chain of Custody Certification

The FSC does not carry out inspections and certifications itself, but maintains a list of approved certification bodies. Our professional consultants can advise your organisation on all aspects of planning, implementing, achieving then maintaining FSC Chain of Custody accreditation, streamlining the whole experience and making the entire process pain free and cost effective. We can also advise you on your selection of an approved certification body.

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