SIA Approved Contractors Scheme

The Security Industry Association Approved Contactors Scheme (SIA-ACS), aims to enhance performance standards across the industry and help organizations meet quality guidelines in future. Companies within the scheme are regularly inspected by the SIA, and can advertise themselves as being compliant once they have met the conditions of the standard.

How the SIA-ACS is Assessed

Based on the framework of the ISO 9001 quality management structure and referencing British Standard codes for the security industry, your organization is assessed in the following areas to be certified under the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme:

In order to achieve accreditation, your business must prove to independent SIA inspectors that you have planned, implemented and future-proofed your organization in all of these nine areas.

Benefits of the SIA-ACS

Although certification is entirely voluntary, gaining Approved Contractors status from the SIA signals to your customers, staff and the wider business community that you are professional and responsible organization with high quality management and staff. The hallmark of a top standard security firm, SIA-ACS qualification will also open new doors for your business and help streamline your day-to-day operations - helping your company grow and succeed.

How HPA Can Help

HPA can guide your organization through the 89 individual facets of compliance, spread across the nine core disciplines. Simplifying the whole process and making certification a far less daunting experience, we can cost-effectively help your business prepare for SIA inspections with confidence and clarity.

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