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World Quality Day

Ahead of World Quality Day, Simon Parkinson, managing partner at HPA, explores why quality management is so essential in building a profitable business. 

"Tomorrow, 8th November 2018, is World Quality Day.

"Does this mean that from poets and artists to baristas and burger flippers, folk will be pushing out their finest creations ever? Possibly not. What it does mean is that advocates of the benefits of quality management have an opportunity to remind us all of the advantages of providing quality products and services – every day of the year.

"So here’s my attempt - a day early.

"Think of why you buy from your favourite online store, coffee shop or fast food outlet? My guess is it's because you trust them. Trust them to meet your particular needs whether that’s product, service or delivery. You trust them not to let you down and to always meet your expectations.

"Building trust with your customers is essential to building a profitable business. A large part of building that trust is consistently meeting the needs of your customers.

"Customers who trust you will keep coming back, will buy more things and, especially in this digital age, will spread the word about how good you are.

"How does quality management help? Simply by making sure you:

  • Keep abreast of your customer’s needs
  • Have the quality products and services they need and;
  • Deliver these consistently

"Its no accident that your favourite online store or coffee shop is your favourite, it's because they take quality management seriously and you need to too!


HPA helps companies to implement and maximise the benefits from ISO Management System standards. To find out more about how implementing quality management systems can help build trust and grow your business please contact us or call 01477 549 116

About the author

Simon Parkinson

Simon Parkinson is Managing Partner of HPA and has over 20 years experience of helping companies achieve ISO management system certification.

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